Royal Teeth, the talent behind the hit song Wild, is a fresh new face to the indie pop genre.  Known for their youthful and energetic beats and lyrics, most of the group hails from lively New Orleans, which vocalist Nora Patterson says contributes to the spirit of their music.  These six musicians came together four years ago after the band Oh Juliet, which was founded by several of Royal Teeth’s members, failed to take off.  Most of the musicians already knew each other from high school, but Patterson was the final piece in their music.  Her incredible lyrics and vocal range tied together their percussion-heavy sound.  In addition to singing, Nora is the visual artist of the group.  She created many of the band’s posters, as well as the artwork for their EP, Act Naturally.  Patterson describes Royal Teeth as an indie pop band, but says that they’re unlike any band in the genre.  “I think our harmonies and our vocals are what set us apart,” she says, speaking of herself and co-vocalist Gary Larsen.

One of the most distinctive qualities to the group’s sound is its timeless youthfulness.  When their song Wild comes on the radio, people of all ages are brought back to a time when tire swings and tree forts prevailed.  Critics often say that the rest of their music is no exception to this feeling, and the band agrees.  “We were just getting started and [the album] is really looking forward to what could happen, with that ‘new beginning’ idea,” Patterson says.  The band has made a few recent changes, including the introduction of a new guitarist.  Far from being daunted, Patterson is looking forward to experimenting with a slightly different sound.  “I think it’s going to be fresh,” she said of their upcoming new music.  “It’s good to have some new ideas.”

Royal Teeth is on tour now, and will be performing alongside Chappo at The Chapel in San Francisco next Thursday, February 13.  To get tickets or find out more about Royal Teeth, visit their site at

Words Tessa Murphy

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