unnamedListening to Morgan Delt’s latest little beaut will land you in a world full of cosmic colors and light shows.   His self-titled album is to be released January 28th from Trouble In Mind.

This 11 track collection will take you on a psychedelic adventure starting with mind-warping guitars and buried percussion sounding as if it came from an over played cassette tape.The debut track Make My Grey Brain Green border lines Schizophrenia, stirring up several emotions before bringing you full circle and landing you into the eerie chimes of the second track.  The dance continues on for a while before the dreamy echos of Barbarian Kings lead you to a rocking world of fuzz guitars, smoke and feedback.  Chakra Sharks picks up the tempo with the heavy-handed guitar strumming and then drops you right back off into the dreams you were so abruptly plucked from with Sad Sad Trip.  The remaining three songs mellow out into the perfect end of an incredible musical journey.

Morgan Delt’s album will leave you feeling surreal.  You will easily lose yourself into a 60’s state of mind and somehow feel as if you are hearing something  futuristic all in the same. So get out your lava lamp, draw the shades, take a deep breath and get ready to transport yourself into an artistic bliss.

Stream the entire album by clicking here.

To learn more about Morgan Delt visit him on Facebook.

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