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Stelth Ulvang stepped away from the large brightly lit venues that have become the norm while playing with the Grammy nominated band, The Lumineers to fall back into his roots on a small West Coast tour early this year.   Taking a  little over a week to venture from Colorado through California he visited tiny venues with small stages and dim lights. Stelth found himself in very intimate settings packed to the brim with loving fans ecstatic to absorb every moment of what was laid out before them.  On January 9th the tour landed in Davis CA, at one of our favorite venues, Third Space.   It turned out to be a very magical experience.

Davis local band Crow Cannon kicked off the show.  Crow Cannon was followed by the folky guitar strums and wax poetic lyrics of Stelth’s tour mate Abe Abraham.  I  was unable to stop smiling throughout Abes set and I was well aware I was not the only one.  His music warms you from the inside out.  His words are beautiful.

By the time Stelth graced the stage the crowd was very much ready for him.  Without saying a word, he gently stepped up on a chair and began playing the banjo.  The crowd quickly became silent as he sang sweetly without a mic.  With hardly any effort he had the attention of every person in the building.

After a few songs he explained that his band was sick and sleeping in the car.  While he wasn’t prepared for such an improv show he handled it quite well.   Between jokes, he jumped from instrument to instrument becoming the master of each one.  He stomped his feet in place of drums and had the crowd harmonize with some of the songs.   Joining him from time to time on stage was an adorable light handed cello player who enchanted each song she accompanied.  For the grand finally Stelth pulled people from the crowd and band members of Crow Cannon up on stage, quickly taught them a few chords and within minutes they had a song that was as good as a band who had practiced for weeks together.

The entire show was very interactive and very personal.  It is very refreshing to know that someone who has preformed on the Grammys stage is still humble enough to come to the small town of Davis and sing his songs to a handful of people.  The entire experience was very dream like and one that will not be forgotten.

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