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This Thursday’s Art Mix at the Crocker Museum was a bright swirl of neon colors against darkened rooms. In the lobby, there was a lightshow by John Sonderegger and Ted Ternes. It undulated overhead, complimenting the music that sang behind the murmur of the conversations of the crowd. Every hour a pair of aerialists in space age leggings and dark shirts spiraled up towards the ceiling. Jubilant expressions on their faces, they took turns manipulating the white lengths of cloth that were their only supports, and twisting them around themselves to create and dismantle slings and harnesses.

Down the hall found the craft tables where children and adults alike were getting their faces painted and making accessories with glow sticks. Through that room, past the line for face painting by Whimsy Body Art, was the Lily Moon exhibit. The artist herself pontificated on the problems of society as she explained the partially abstracted cutouts of human figures that were her work. Behind her, a model painted up to look like a cutout herself wove her way through the pieces disappearing and reappearing with surprising ease. Across the hall the other way was a small exhibit by Kristen Hoard. Her work utilized metal and light to create interesting dimensions, depth, and shadows.

In the Student and Community area across the courtyard, Mid-Town artists were on display in the exhibit Glass on the Grid [which runs until February 23rd]. The range of style and content displayed made for a beautifully eclectic body of work. The evening was topped off with a playful performance by local fusion band ZuhG.

The Crocker’s Art Mix is a monthly event that happens every second Thursday. Tickets are free for members of the museum and $10 for non-members. Next month’s Mix is on Feb. 13th. The theme is Prom. Tube will see you there.

Photos by Ryan Stewart and Melissa Uroff

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