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Darlingchemicalia releases video “Felt Goods”

Darlingchemicalia has been popping up throughout the Sacramento music scene for quite some time now.  The band consists of Ian Bone, Stephine Bone, Andrew Henderson, Justin Gonzo and Michael Feerick.  Floating somewhere between shoegaze and art rock, Darlingchemicalia has our attention.  It is easy to get lost in their world of fuzzy guitars and echoing voices.  Watching them live is never a disappointment.

Two albums produced thus far and another on the way, they have now released their very first video. The mood set within the 3 minutes or so of the video could not be more appropriate.  By the end of it you will feel a little confused, musically mystified, and a deep ache for some more.  Darlingchemicalia will bend your mind both musically and visually in ways that you didn’t even know you needed.  The Felt Goods video will hold you over until you have the chance to see the band perform live.  Rumor is the record release show is to be late February.

Watch Darlingchemicalia “Felt Goods” from the soon to be released album “Spun In White

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