507“Jack Name is a rare entity and a genius story/songsmith and I am envious as hell that God? Records is putting this out and not Castleface. Whiffs of young Brian Eno, Gary Numan, Chrome, ELO, Bruce Haack . . . even Richard O’Brien (a la “Rocky Horror”) and Stefan Wul stain the sleeves of this story, but it’s still wholly original and cooked at home so it’s as honest as it is good for you. The sounds are a dense and ever-shifting beast — just an absolutely put-you-on-the-floor headphone record. The narrative holds as much significance as the sound; hopefully there will be a lyric sheet so teenagers ripe for a push in the right direction can follow along, pink-eyed, with their index fingers.” – John Dwyer

Light Show is a rock and roll sci-fi novella by Los Angeles underground spectre, Jack Name:  A chilling glimpse into an imaginary world torn apart by a war between rival gangs, the shadows, and the wooly bullies. Teenage vandals and druid-like oracles lead the resistance against a juggernaut of psychological warlords in this genre-bending explosion of sonic fiction, illustrating why critics have called Jack Name “an aural mirror to an A.D.D. generation.” Peek into Light Show via album track, “Pure Terror,” below.

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