New work and installations by Lisa Solomon

Opening reception for the artist 6 to 8pm Friday, November 15th

Lisa’s art practice is a continuing investigation of gender archetypes and hybridizations, as well as an examination into her own personal history. Through obsessive repetition and re-contextualization, she takes traditional feminine handicrafts and elevates them into the realm of fine art.


For this exhibition, Lisa, who was born to a Japanese mother, hones in on Japan’s historical and cultural fixation on the number 1000. She has created a unique interpretation of the 1000 cranes, 1000 buddhas, 1000 cherry trees, and stitched a playful version of Senninbari, the “good luck” belts traditionally composed of 1000 French knots, made by women and worn by their husbands to protect them while away at war. In a similar vein, she will be installing a wall of 1000 doilies, made from 100 different hues of thread, hand crocheted by herself and more than 45 women from around the world, and then arranged in a manner which will explore color and color theory. From one of each set of 10 doilies will dangle strands of thread, left purposefully to hang as a tangible testimony to process, functioning both as a remnant of the passage of time, and as a way to coax the work into a three dimensional space. 

Solomon1000detail 2

Lisa Solomon received her BA in art from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Mills College.  She has had solo shows around the USA and abroad. She has twice been a SECA award nominee and was recently an artist in residence at the Oakland Art Museum.  Lisa currently lives and works in the Bay Area.


 Show runs through Dec. 21st, 2013

Fouladi Projects
1803 Market Street @ Guerrero San Francisco Ca 94103


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