Hey hot dogs, it’s time for another Wiener Dog Comp! As you may already know, nothing inspires Burger Records to do good deeds more than a friend in need, and we all know that dogs iz people too! The first Wiener Dog comp went to raising money to help Popcorn, the pooch owned by Burger’s cassette manufacturer, and it worked! Popcorn got a growth on her belly removed and now she’s fit as a fiddle. This time around, Burger is hoping to help Ghoulie, the weiner dog owned by William Keihn, the artist responsible for many iconic posters and album covers, such as the cover to Thee Oh Sees’ Help. Ghoulie has helped William through some difficult times in his life, and now Ghoulie is in need. And so we’re proud to present The Wiener Dog Comp II: The Ghoulie Tape! This tape will feature previously unreleased tracks, including live performances and covers, from the likes of the aforementioned Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, White Fence, Burnt Ones, Apache Dropout, and a ton more! All proceeds will go to helping Ghoulie, and any funds raised beyond what is needed will be given to the ASPCA. We’ve decided to share White Fence’s cover of Filth’s “Today’s Lesson,” give it a listen, order the comp, do some good, and feel good while doing it!

The Wiener Dog Comp II: The Ghoulie Tape Track Listing

01 Burnt Ones – Animal Over You

02 Sic Alps – Blues Festival

03 Apache Dropout – Country Suck

04 White Fence – Today’s Lesson (Filth Cover)

05 Creeping Pink and the Heavy Hanging Sun – She Cum Rain Bow

06 Ty Segall – Fuck Surfers

07 Thee Open Sex – DNA

08 Normanoak – I Never Wanna Live Like That

09 Plum Clods – How Loft I Am (Guided By Voices Cover)

10 Thee Oh Sees – On The Verge (Fresh & Onlys Cover)

11 Hoosier Landlord – Go On Get That Wiener Dog On Out Now

12 Heavy Times – Trouble Walker

13 Suz – No Riot

14 CCR Headcleaner – Curl Or Pearl

15 Jemini Cult – New York City Is A Black Hole

16 Chrys Nodal – Once In a While

17 Running – Sands Free

18 Sitar Outreach Ministry – Blood Orange_The Glory That Was

19 Pink & Brown – So Long Special Treat

20 POW! – Rainbow Flags

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