Breathe Owl Breathe have been through a helluva year. Aside from the difficulties of creating their new record, the transcendent Passage of Pegasus (released Oct. 15th), while spread about the country, they had their tour van/longtime companion, Cassette Canyon, stolen from them while they were in the Bay Area. Though the van was found and their merch was recovered, the van was stripped and totaled and all of their incredible, irreplaceable vintage instruments were gone. As something of a eulogy to their lost gear, they are including video of their recent Pickathon set at the stunning Woods stage in a deluxe, iTunes-only edition of the record. It’s footage of one of the band’s last performances with their beloved instruments, so it’s definitely a special show.

Also, they’ve premiered a video with the AV Club for album cut “Explorer,” a whimsical little film that features Breathe Owl Breathe’s Micah Middaugh and Trevor Hobbs throwing down on an unusual basketball court. It was directed by friends Joel Rakowski and Patrick Lelli.

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