Gap Dream by Steele O'Neal sans borderGap Dream is essentially the fantasies of one Gabriel Fulvimar. He’s released one record, people dug it, and now he’s ready for another. But this isn’t the product of stasis, sleep, or fermentation. This dream is epic. It’s got legs; legs that carried Gabriel to California from his native Ohio, and delivered him to a new home. It’s a record full of love, reciprocal of the love he felt when he was accepted with open arms into his new family. Shine Your Light will be released on 11/12/13 via Burger Records. The FADER premiered the first single off SYL, “Fantastic Sam,” today. At the bottom of this press release, you’ll find an excerpt of a letter from Gabriel that tells the story behind Shine Your Light. I hope you can dig it.

 You can catch Gap Dream, along with The Growlers, together PANGEA, and The Cosmonauts, on the Burgerama Caravan of Stars Tour this Fall. See dates and purchase tickets here.

From the desk of Gabriel Fulvimar, aka Gap Dream

I moved to Fullerton, California on December 1st, 2012. I moved for many reasons. I was sick of Ohio weather, I was tired of the life I was living, I was sick of bussing tables and ducking the landlord because my rent was way overdue. The main reason I moved though is that I was invited to come live at Burger Records. You can’t really pass an invitation like that up.

One night, in December of 2012, I decided to start working on the next Gap Dream record. I had been loosely speaking with Bobby Harlow (from The GO and Conspiracy of Owls) about possibly recording and producing this record. Apparently, I had made up my mind that he had no choice and he actually didn’t realize this until he heard me say it on an episode of BRGRTV. He called me the next day.

I told Lee and Sean that I was going to be working with Bobby. They were stoked. It came up that I needed new equipment though. Sean said “Whatever you need.” He didn’t even flinch when the cashier told him the price. Burger has my back.

Bobby liked how I did the drums. They were sequenced drum samples being played by a heartless computer. I tried very hard to hide them on the first record. I was embarrassed of using a computer to record.

“Sounds like CAN!!!” That’s what Bobby said. I like CAN.

The songs started to sound different from the first batch. I’d record them using my old method but I had a better microphone this time and a better interface for my computer.

“Sounds like Fripp & Eno!!!” That’s what Bobby said. I really like Fripp & Eno.

I’d record the songs here at Burger and send them to Bobby over the internet. They’d come back grittier and stronger. We referred to this process as “putting them in the Pet Semetery.”

We were making a new sound for Gap Dream. The tempos are faster. The synths are louder. The drum machine is up-front and relentless. The rhythms are full of life, strict and very apparent. I’ve wanted to make a record like this my whole life.

“Sounds like fucking Moroder!!!” That’s what Bobby said. I love Moroder.

From December of 2012 to April of 2013, I made a new Gap Dream album with Bobby Harlow. I made this album in a dark storage unit that’s filled with new and used LPs. I broke a glitter lamp in there once and now there’s glitter all over the floor. I still find pieces of glitter on myself periodically. I made this album at Burger Records. The album is titled Shine Your Light. It comes out on Burger Records on 11/12/13. It has a holographic cover with artwork by M. Wartella. I want it to do well.

I hope you can dig. 😉


Gabriel Fulvimar

Gap Dream

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