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Liminanas_byThierryGrilletThe Limiñanas, the brainchild of French duo Lio and Marie Limiñana, are back on Trouble In Mind with their third album, Costa Blancaout November 19th! Once again, recorded at their home in the south of France by Lio himself, Costa Blanca pushes the envelope of their signature Franc-o-phonic sound — the coloeur café cool of Gainsbourg, the hypnotic drone of VU-era Cale, and the spiky fuzz of Davie Allan. This time around the band incorporate avant-classical and experimental sonic elements, lacing the tunes with a dramatic flair of French New Wave soundtracks and the percussive accents found in Morricone’s work in Il Gruppo. Melodic “jump-cuts,” sonic echoes of previous tunes and future melodies, appear and disappear throughout the course of this album (and The Limiñanas’ entire oeuvre). Thematically, Costa Blanca is an insular record, with subjects that reference Lio’s youth growing up in Spain in the 1970’s near the Mediterranean Sea and nostalgic odes to the music, films, girls, books and cars that shaped his world.

The Limiñanas online:


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