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Cold Beat is Hannah Lew, bassist and co-songwriter of the band Grass Widow.  It’s the fully expressed voice and emotions of one person, versus the harmonic and lock-step declarations of three women. It’s the emergence of Lew as a singular voice, using dream logic and abstraction to describe the themes of death, internet surveillance, paranoia and science fiction that permeate her music. “Worms” isthe lead single off “Worms/Year 5772,”the first EP from Cold Beat, out 11/5 on Lew’s new label, Crime On The Moon. Written not too long after Hannah Lew’s father passed away in 2009, it’s largely about the horror of things one does and does not know about death.  Lew uses the tools of pop music to access the inaccessible and honor her grief while discussing some of the most jarring aspects of her father’s death. However, anyone who listens to “Worms” can hear that it transcends the overtly personal and manifests itself as melodious and universal.


The A side of this 12″ EP features “Worms” and “Year 5772”. The recording features Kyle King on guitar, Lillian Maring ( Grass Widow, Ruby Pins) on drums and Cody Blanchard (Shannon and The Clams) on guitar/synth. The B side of the EP features a Worms remix by POW!, a local SF doom synth band, and also a remix of Year 5772 by Mikey Young of Total Control. The live band features Bianca Sparta (Errase Errata) on drums, and Greer Mcgettrick (The Mallard) on guitar as well as Kyle King on guitar.

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