539_origFans of Frightened Rabbit had something to cheer about September 24th, when the Scottish indie rock band officially kicked off their headline tour in Alberta, Canada. The anthem-slinging rockers are touring in support of their recent fourth studio album, Pedestrian Verse, which critics and the band’s singer/songwriter Scott Hutchison call a departure from their earlier work. Reasons behind the band’s new sound included writing and practicing songs while on tour, experimenting with minor keys, and the task of songwriting being shared with other members of the band.  That decision, Hutchison stated, was an obvious move that paid off in the best record the band has produced.

Fans no doubt shared the sentiment, with shows being sold out across the states in a matter of days. There aren’t many British bands who can match Frightened Rabbit, formed by thoughtful art student Hutchison nine years ago, for the level and intensity of their American success and their devotees are expecting this year’s tour to be even more special than the last.

“It’s exciting to see our old fans and new ones start to take our new songs into their lives,” said Hutchison, a man who – with bandmates Grant Hutchison (drums), Billy Kennedy (guitar, bass), Andy Monaghan (guitar, keyboards) and Gordon Skene (guitar, keyboards) – has almost a decade’s experience building his band, cultivating a fan-base, improving their chops, and delivering a steady supply of their trademark powerhouse sound to the masses.

Next up for Frightened Rabbit in their line of shows is a gig at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California, where the band will be supported by Augustines, an American alternative rock group that shares a similar sound and dedication to their craft.

“The passion that they have for what they do and the inclusiveness of what they do is something that really resonates with us,” Hutchison stated about the choice to tour with Augustines. “When we choose bands to tour with, it’s about providing a really complete experience for the audience as well. With Augustines we’ve done just that.”

Frightened Rabbit has high hopes for the rest of the tour, grateful as ever for being able to perform at each and every venue. It’s just how the band likes to operate, testing their limits and pushing their skills as artists and creators, taking nothing for granted and, above all, always believing there’s a reason to play for.

Frightened Rabbit will be playing at Ace of Spades in Sacramento CA on Saturday September 28th.

Learn more about the band at www.frightenedrabbit.com

Words Jordan Vail

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