San Diego’s Plateaus are back and following up their acclaimed debut LP on Art Fag with a limited one sided 10” coming from Mt.St.Mtn. Plateaus have a laid back minimalist sound doing more with less with a niche for catchy song writing and melody. Hazy guitar tones, pounding drums, fuzzed out bass, and blown out vocals they deliver a sonic sound scape your ears with be thrilled to hear. With a range of influences from The Clean to The Wipers to Guided By Voices to Harry Nilsson to The Country Teasers, their sound is hard to pigeon hole into one specific genre.

“San Diego’s current wave of underground snarlers comes to us in the form of Plateaus, a furiously laid back pop band with that special something everyone is striving for, clearly bleeding through and visibly staining their jeans for all to see. This band offers no hidden agenda, no life-changing song structures, or ear-bending production, just incredible sloptastic pop that hangs off the cliff of irresistibility like no tomor- row. It’s always more impressive when bands can do more with less, and Plateaus fall squarely into that arena, knocking out hit after hit without breaking into any sketchy territory, and locking down the adora- tion of anyone lucky enough to cross their path. From the moment we heard their debut tracks on the Art Fag 7′′, it was true love: sharply ripped, revved-up pop songs that bring to mind the early dual vocal stomp of Red Cross and The Simpletones, crushed into perfect blasts of that modern “punk ambrosia,” of which we just can’t ever get enough. Yes, Plateaus are a band you can fall for quick. There’s just something about their perfectly disheveled pop that’s so massively lacking these days, but we’re glad to be able to shove them into your life.” –

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Plateaus “Wasting Time” 10 inch
45rpm, one-sided 10”, limited to 500 copies 

This should hold you over until October.  See you in Davis!

Plateaus west coast dates
October 2013 

10.23 Davis, CA @ Third Space w/ tbd (all ages, $5)
10.24 San Francisco, CA @ Vacation SF w/ G.Green (all ages, donation$)
10.25 Los Angeles, CA @ Ham & Eggs Tavern w/ tbd (21+, $5)
10.26 Los Angeles (Eagle Rock), CA @ Permanent Records w/ tbd (all ages, FREE) 10.26 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar w/ Barbarian, Buddy Banter (21+)

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