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The Bar Fly Effect has a new video out!

The Bar Fly Effect is a Sacramento band who is out for a good time.  They dub themselves , “…the perfect soundtrack for bar hopping, party crashing, dubious hookups and next-day regrets.”   It is obvious they are a solid group of friends who truly adore creating music together.  Their enjoyment of each other is absolutely contagious on and off the stage.  To put it simply, they are fun.  If you have yet to see them live it is not hard to do.  This pop-punk five-some have been playing shows non-stop every chance they get.

Make sure to check them out at Breast Fest 2 October 11th at On the Y or at Danny Secretion’s Lame-Ass Birthday Bash November 2 at Luigis Fun Garden.  Until then, the bands new video Is For Horses is out now.  Have a look.

For more information on The Bar Fly Effect visit them on Facebook.

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