On new album, MORE, Alexis Georgopoulos (aka Arp) makes his first album-length foray into song and further establishes himself as a restless artist inspired by the idea of “variousness” and not content to stay put. Throughout, Arp moves away from the synth centric-abstractions so prevalent on earlier albums, The Soft Wave (a New York Times’ “overlooked highlight” of 2010) and In Light,instead focusing on melodic songcraft and, at times, heavy atmospherics. Perhaps best described as a pop album by an avant-garde musician, the 12 pieces comprising MORE may best be heard as distinct scenes in a single film, and this being his first New York album, the city figures in significantly, both in scale and in character. It’s performed almost entirely by Georgopoulos and reveals an impressive grasp of style and vision, following a distinct narrative, dipping into 70s art rock, autumnal baroque pop, musique concréte, minimalistic piano epics, narcotic gospel, sound library atmospheres, and delicate space folk.

MORE proves we do not know what Georgopoulos might do next, and makes his work all the more compelling for it. The album is out next Tuesday, September 17th on Smalltown Supersound. Listen to it in its entirety now via The FADER and read about Georgopoulos’ inspiration behind the new direction.

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