Babs Johnson Gang is a band who continues to do their own thing, making music they want to hear, not music that they’ve already heard. They are a far cry from the punk or singer/songwriter scenes that are big in Sacramento, but still manage to crossover into both, carefully mixing a plethora of genres together to form an original sound that can only be described as The Babs Johnson Gang.

Wednesday’s rare acoustic performance at Naked Lounge showed that they don’t need electric instruments to rock harder or be louder than any other band around. Playing from their arsenal of three albums, and three albums worth of unreleased material, this stripped down set was truly one of the greatest performances from these gentlemen, with many more on the horizon as they finish working on their latest album. One of the best things about this band is that every time you see them you are getting a rather unique experience, with constantly rotating set-lists and spectacles to always keep you guessing… what are they going to do next?

Influences ranging from Bo Diddley to Reverand Gary Davis to The White Stripes and Captain Beefheart, these two have played with such acts as Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin, and just finished their first tour. This band has spoiled me with their live performances and have reset the bar for concert going experiences.

So please, for the love of Chocolate Jesus, go see this band any chance you get, and pick up their album at YSJ Trading Co. (6688 Lonetree Blvd (Rocklin) & 924 12th St Sacramento), Records on Broadway, or at any live show.

LIsten to the band on Soundcloud and make sure to check out their Facebook  page.  Find them and love them, and if you scroll just a little lower, you will find enclosed, for your consideration, the ENTIRE set from the Naked Lounge show.

Words and video by Andrew Hooper

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