409372_10150466922728349_501732036_nGeographer creates their own space. Their music, when listened to carefully, wraps itself around you and cocoons your mind. Which is exactly the intention of the self-proclaimed creators of “soulful music from outer space”. “We think that [our music] creates a space you can get lost in, where you’re floating in the music your listening to, and you become weightless in its ether,” says singer/guitarist/synth player Michael Deni.

Named from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song ‘Maps’, the San Francisco based band started in 2007 with a synth found on the street and the idea to play it. “When we started out we had no idea what we were doing or how we wanted to do it. But we did it. We were pure feeling. A song came out of me and we played it.” Five years later, Geographer has released two full-length albums, Innocent Ghosts and Myth, and has played at several big music festivals such as Outsidelands, Treasure Island, and South by Southwest. They will be playing at Sacramento’s own Launch Festival on Sunday the 8th. The band has also grown musically, “now we think long and hard about how we want the songs to go, and we run everything through a serious mill of ideas, throwing everything we can at the wall until the song comes to rest, and sounds like it ought to,” says Deni, “Making songs is a lot like mapping out a new territory, in that a map is an imperfect but almost more informative abstraction of a place, much like a song is to an emotion.”

Geographer will be playing Launch Fest on Sunday, September 8th at 1:55 pm in Cesar Chavez Park; Tube will see you there.

Photo Victoria Smith

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