photo-2Combining jazz, blues, folk, and something more, guitarist Ross Hammond has serenaded the Sacramento area for years.  Though Hammond keeps a low profile for his talent, he certainly brings something unique to the stage, whether he’s playing alone or collaborating with another artist.  Hammond’s music conveys his emotions fluidly and flawlessly to his audience, creating a group of people captive to his song.

Hammond started playing guitar at 12 years old, with some coaxing from his mother.  He was reluctant to play at first, but says that he, “first drank the Kool-Aid” at 15, when he first joined a band.  Since then, he’s been hooked.  He’s gone onto play with dozens of other musicians, lending his sound to bring an entirely new sound to a show.  And he makes a point to share music with his family as well.  “Playing songs for my daughter to dance to around our house is another all-time favorite,” he says of his best musical moments.

Expressing himself through his music, Hammond incorporates his guitar into his life.  “I’ve played my guitar at friends’ weddings and other friends’ funerals,” he tells me.  “Those are moments that transcend shows and make one realize what the purpose of music truly is.”  And his songs reflect his sincerity.  “I feel like hope and rising above the bad are some of the themes I try to resonate,” he says of his songwriting.  He also channels the ideas of love, life, and the human condition when he writes music, and it shows in the passionate way he plays.

Wrapping up our interview, I asked what music brings to Hammond’s own life.  “I couldn’t imagine life without it,” he says.  “It brings friends and relationships.  It brings opinions and things to talk about and bond over.  Music is one of those things that we don’t fully understand and I honestly hope we never fully understand it.  It’s a mystery how it brings people together.  Live the mystery, dammit.”  And he leaves me with a smile.

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Words Tessa Murphy

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