Duk is an all instrumental band based out of Southern Ca.  Their first album, Early Worm Gets The Bird, is the start of something very special.  The album falls somewhere in-between gypsy punk, and Balkan folk with just a hint of dixieland.   The band is proclaiming themselves “Gypsy Jazz”.   Made up with a variety of traditional instruments arranged in a very provocative way, Duk will leave you intoxicated asking for more.
 The band holds a sweetness to their songs however they are far from boring.  It is clear that Duk knows their musical roots, that they understand their instruments and each other.  Each song is crafted to highlight their musical partners while each of them shines.  Eccentric songs are surprising enough to hold your attention.  Twist and turns all make sense with the strong backbone of drums (Kane Ritchotte) bonding the group together.
 The wordless opener Bilbo becomes a whirlwind of a dance immediately exploding with a steady tuba (Eugene Fabiero) and a circus like trumpet (Spencer Ludwig).  The thrill of the beginning of the song is then lead into the chimes of guitar (Cary Singer) and the roller coaster continues.   
 After the highs and lows of Bilbo, you are led into the seduction of a conventional waltz which is just the tiniest bit skewed.  Titled perfectly Waltz of the Invalids, the dark story is told beautifully by accordion (Max Whipple).
 Badibopgaupidow keeps it slow and swanky however as soon as you are relaxed Tom and Jerry kicks in and the carnival is back in full force.  Septsons mellows you down from your high just in time to present you with the final song, Belle.
 Belle is eerie and a bit magical.  The accordion and trumpet tease with each other for a while before the viola (Ari Balouzian) sweetly floats through stealing all of your attention.
 This 6 song release should be listened to in its entirety.  While the songs are fascinating on their own, the album as a whole it is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.  Politely I await for Duk to grace northern CA with our presence,  until then I will play Early Worm Gets The Bird on repeat.
 Early Bird Catches the Worm will be released on August 13th 2013.
If you are in the Los Angeles area catch Duk’s CD release show
August 20, 9:00 pm @ One-Eyed Gypsy, 901 E. 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90012
For more information on Duk visit  www.dukdukduk.com

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