Now through July 27th, 2013 come vist the Brickhouse Gallery and check out their newest venture “1,000 Bowls to Feed the Hungry”

The vision for this piece was fairly simple: Create 1,000 ceramic bowls and find artists to glaze and personalize them. Then spread them throughout the art community and sell them to raise funds for charities that feed the hungry.

Come and help support the many homeless in our community by purchasing these amazing works of art created by local artists. By purchasing a bowl, every dollar generates about $8 worth of food, and this food will find itself into the hands of a person in need. A person that is hungry, but soon to be full.

The net profits will be donated to three local charities: Loaves and Fishes, Meals on Wheels, and Senior Gleaners.

To learn more visit:

The Brickhouse Gallery


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