Lagunitas sure knows how to throw a party.  For the past 5 years they have opened their brewery to hundreds of festively dress people in order to help raise money to keep music in schools.  The event is held every year in mid May at the Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma CA.  The day consists of not only an ample amount of beer, it also includes an entire circus.  The space is stuffed with costumes, music, outrageous performers, burlesque plus a ton of local breweries and food.

Lagunitas generously shared their space with over 20 local breweries such as 101 North Brewing, North Coast, Marin Brewing Company, Ace Cider and Russian River Brewing Co. to name a few.  Food was also slipped in here and there offering everything from BBQ oysters (Shell Shucked Oyster Co.) to sausages (Toad in the Hole) and tacos to munch on.  Coffee to perk you back up and other non alcoholic drinks were also available and not to mention the FREE water.  Yes, free water.

Hardly a shortage to be found in beer, food or entertainment we were swept away for a day of playing and mingling with the circus.  Every last person was in costume, from the crowd down to the barista.  Fish nets, striped pants, top hats and booty shorts were as far as the eye could see.  The sea of colorful folks had you caught somewhere in between burning man and an early 20th century county fair.  It was difficult to distinguish the crowd from the performers.


The Vau De Vire Society and The Moral Minority merged perfectly together to keep the entertainment continuous.

Molotov and Dixie Delish must have been dropped of straight out of a 1950s county fair.  They amazed us with lassoes, knife throwing and even the wheel of death.   Funny and kitchy, they were the perfect pair captivating us with nostalgia and danger.

MelissaUroffPhotography-24 MelissaUroffPhotography-23


Dworia stole the show dressed in not much more than cat inspired paint while bending and twisting her body in a snake-like slither.


Andrew floated through the air on straps like a male version of Mary Poppins.

MelissaUroffPhotography-11 MelissaUroffPhotography-12 MelissaUroffPhotography-13

Swords were tossed with toes and balanced with sholders.

MelissaUroffPhotography-4 MelissaUroffPhotography-5 MelissaUroffPhotography-6

Shredder and TT twisted around each other demonstrating great strength and trust in one another.

MelissaUroffPhotography MelissaUroffPhotography-2 MelissaUroffPhotography-3

Burlesque was in full force.



Music was plentiful.

MelissaUroffPhotography-37 MelissaUroffPhotography-39 MelissaUroffPhotography-41 MelissaUroffPhotography-43 MelissaUroffPhotography-9 MelissaUroffPhotography-8

Costumes were great.

MelissaUroffPhotography-10MelissaUroffPhotography-27 MelissaUroffPhotography-29 MelissaUroffPhotography-30 MelissaUroffPhotography-38 MelissaUroffPhotography-42

The Lagunitas Beer Circus should not be missed.  Guaranteed this will be the most fun you have ever had at a brewery or beer fest, plus the cause is magnificent.

We will definitely see you next year Lagunitus.  Thank you.  We had a blast!

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