The Where House was a short lived but delicious piece of the Sacramento music scene.  Not only was there a ton of heart and friendship that floated throughout the artistically painted walls, there was  a surplus of phenomenal bands, both local and touring that hit the stage.

This Friday, May 31st, will be the very last show that the venue will hold and it is going to be a doozy.  With bands such as Bastards of Young, Union Hearts, Strange Party, Dead Dads, and The Community taking the stage, the last night should be one to remember.  Music starts at 8:00 and is not only all ages but it is also free.

While we say goodbye to the Where House, the man behind the stage isn’t going far.  Matt Marrjuo is putting most of his energy into his other venue turned gallery, The Colony.  The Colony offers all age shows a few times a week with some fantastic art displayed on the walls which changes monthly.

So come and say goodbye to The WhereHouse, and then make sure to say hello at The Colony in the near future.  Support local music and keep venues alive!


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