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B street Theater has teamed up with Sacramento’s newest venue Assembly.  Each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night the members of the B Street Theatre Acting Company hit the stage at 7 o’clock for a night of sketch comedy and improv.

Assembly is arranged perfectly for a sit down experience.  The venue is full of dimly lit tables and cocktail waitress’ tending to your every need.  The crowd was on the mature side, with younger groups sprinkled throughout the room.  No matter what the age, the audience seemed to really be enjoying themselves.

The performance was as it should be, funny, witty and full of twists and turns.  For an all ages show, it was a tad bit on the sexual side but the crowd was eating it up.  Audience participation was not only encouraged, but necessary.  Improv sketches were placed in between sketch comedies and performed to an audience that was eager for a good time.  The B Street Live troop worked quite well together all through the evening.  The performers interaction with the people off stage kept the energy high and the audience laughing like crazy awaiting for more.

Throughout the evening repeat characters took the stage, Daniel Day Louis being one of them.  He reappeared throughout the night with crazy shenanigans and outrageous acts.  After he misbehaved the cast would all say, “Daniel” in a disappointed drawn out voice.  The music would chime in with a wap, wap, wah tone.  Daniel would then disappear quickly off stage.  By the second Daniel appearance, the audience was joining in on scolding Daniels mischief and laughing hysterically as he would shrug his shoulders and run off stage.

Bosco was another repeat character who shared his words of wisdom in an infomercial type approach.  With a creepy mustache and quirky mannerisms he proudly announced Bosco Enterprises Inc. the fix all for couples in most predicaments.  Got a kid in the house that you need out?  Let Bosco help.  Looking to spice up your love life?  Bosco has you covered in that department as well.

The repeat characters only made the evening more memorable.  The audience truly became a part of the festivities by getting to know the personalities on the stage, finding their favorites and then awaiting their return.

The favorite of the evening came near the end as it usually does.  It was an improv in which the audience was to give out a very serious topic, in this case it was unplanned teenage pregnancy.  The cast then was to carry out the topic with complete seriousness.  No laughing, or smiling from the cast members or audience was permitted.  If the rule was broken from either side, a single marshmallow was stuck into the mouth of whichever actor was responsible for the giggles. The marshmallow then must remain inside their mouth for the rest of the skit.  You could only imagine how this turned out.  Once a few marshmallows were inserted the laughs from both on stage and off were rolling in.  It was impossible for the actors to keep a straight face while looking like a bunch of blowfish on display.  By the end of the performance the venue was roaring in uncontrollable laughter.

The audience participation and the humor of the cast were the delightful start to a friday evening.  B Street Live is entertaining, energetic and perfect for a date night or going out with some friends.  The cast throughly enjoys themselves on stage which radiates down to the audience making it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you are looking for something to do that is a little different then the usual dinner and a movie night out, we recommend checking out B Street Live.  For more information visit

Photos Melissa Uroff and our favorite little intern Heather Uroff

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