telenovella2highresTele Novella has embarked on quite a tour starting in Austin Texas then swooping throughout the west coast and looping back into Austin.  Lucky for us they are making their way to Sacramento.

There was a lot of hype surrounding Tele Novella even before us West Coasters had actually heard their music.  I am sure the excitement here in Sacramento is partly due to Natalie Gordon, who is more commonly know as Natalie Ribbons.  Natalie is former front woman of the Sacramento born band Agent Ribbons.  Since her move from CA to Austin Texas she has teamed up with some very talented musicians and formed Tele Novella.

Cari Palazollo is from the dreamy pop band Belaire. Matt Simon and Jason Chronis are both former members of Voxtrot.  The influences from the band members former creative outlets are apparent.  Together the foursome has become a perfect meld of dreamy creativity that will captivate you.

A taste of 1960s garage rock with a psychedelic twist, No Excalibur is a fantastic introduction to the tone of the band.  The song is light and feels like a fairy tale. With lyrics such as,”Orphan dreams growing like weeds, I’ve got my pockets filled with seeds,” Ribbons takes you on a poetic adventure.

Don’t Be A Stranger is just as whimsical as No Excalibur however it is a bit more raw.  What seem to be friendly lyrics are camouflaged with a deep dramatic bass line.  Truthful and simple words “…but if the world is going to end, please don’t be a stranger” complete the song.

Tele Novella is the perfect combination of playful expressions and captivating talent. Make sure to catch their show May 28th at Bow and Arrows.

For more information visit Facebook and to listen have a look on SoundCloud

Photo credit Devaki Knowles


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