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The busy boys of Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits are at it again. On the opening night of the 2nd leg of their tour at the Press Club here in Sacramento, TUBE was able to get a few words in with lead vocalist Corbett Redford, vocalist and lead guitar player Dan Abbott and drummer Joshua Wharton for some insight on how things have come together for the band, as well as what we have to look forward to in the near future.

If you’re not familiar with BJE, they consists primarily of Corbett and Dan, who met some 20 years ago in the bay area and formed the band as a duo for a house party. The band recorded a few 7”s, but broke up after recording ¡Carmelita Sings!: Visions of a Rock Apocalypse on their own S.P.A.M. Records. Since reforming in 2009, they have toured several times across the US and even made an appearance at The UnNamed Fest in London in support of their album F, which was released by Sacramento’s Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club in 2010. The band has since produced 15 videos, toured with the likes of Mike Dirnt’s The Frustrators, and are even putting together a 192-page song book featuring over 30 artists including Mitch Clem, Ben Snakepit and Richie Bucher, the latter of whom designed the cover for Green Day’s Dookie.
First off BJE will finish the final video from their last album for the song Postcards from Inferno (See You in Hell), a song about a band that shoots up their audience, which Corbett says, “…puts us in a very interesting place in this current violent and political climate.” The video will be directed by Jamie Dewolf, who also helmed their Sweet Shit of Christ and Time is Crawling videos. Jamie also directed the short film Ricochet in Reverse – which reenacted of the Columbine shooting done in reverse so, as Corbett pointed out, “he’s qualified to do this kinda thing.” He said they hope the video will convey the message that “it isn’t a particular kind of person that does this kind of thing, we’re all under pressure, it could be anybody.”
Now the guys are out on the 2nd of their three leg tour supporting their latest album Trainwreck to Narnia (by way of Dirt Cult Records/Rooftop Comedy Productions), finishing up with a show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on May 23rd with their touring partners Mystic Knights of the Cobra. Playing the GAMH was a goal the band had set for themselves at the beginning of the year, but merely as a supporting act. When the bookers suggested that they headline, Dan said it was “…flattering and a little scary, but it’s coming together really nicely. I think there’s going to be some people there. It’s definitely going to be the most prestigious venue we’ve ever played. It’s definitely a milestone.” The band is certainly going to make it count, saying there will be around 15 musicians joining them on the accordion, fiddle, harmonica, and any other instrument you’ve heard on their records. They will be supported by MKOTC, Tornado Rider and Water Tower, so it’s sure to be a night of fun, as each band has the ability to “…make the audience squirt whiskey out of their noses…” as Dan put it.
Bobby Joe Ebola’s hard work over the last few years has certainly paid off. Corbett added that  “…so many people got behind the show: KZSU, Amoeba, Rasputin, the Bay Bridged Blog, all these people promoting it doing and ticket giveaways,” you could tell that they (the band) were genuinely grateful for all the support they have received.
This upcoming year we could very well see another Ebola outbreak, as the band plans on returning to the studio after the final leg of their tour to record a new EP, following the release of their Sing-Along Book Meal Deal with the Devil, which will be supported with a bookstore tour. In the meantime make the worthwhile drive to San Francisco this Thursday for an epic night that cannot be missed!



Photos Melissa Uroff

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