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Dude gets a hobby. Hobby becomes a passion. While exploring Dude’s passion, friends are made. Friends thrive at what started as merely a hobby. It’s the same recipe for success you see again and again; uniform as a model and unique as an enterprise, much like a vinyl record, uniform yet unique.

At Runner Up Records and Vintage Audio in Shingle Springs, Matthew Bruce and Austin White have passion for vintage audio gear and sounds. Runner Up Records and Vintage Audio takes its name from the apparel line, Runner Up Apparel, that Matthew started some time ago. When these two fellas found themselves accumulating records and vintage gear, it only seemed only natural that they would eventually have a record store. I mean, what else can you do if you find yourself buying multiple copies of The Beatles: The White Album and the entire Led Zeppelin catalog…repeatedly.

With a collection capable of swallowing vast amounts of one’s time per sitting, Runner Up offers a complete vintage audio experience with decks and receivers getting a second or perhaps third go around.  It’s anybody’s guess how many times the well-kept vinyls have spun on the tables.

If you have some gear that could use a tune-up, talk with Matthew to see about getting it back in working order. These guys have a bitchin’ sound system hooked up so you can test the wares prior to purchase. But don’t expect to troll through all the goods without proving your worthiness, ’cause Runner Up Records and Vintage Audio doesn’t fill internet orders.

To get more information, like current store hours. or to run any other questions by the fellas at Runner Up, send them an email at or follow them on instagram. Soon, you too can spend some time pawing through the likes of The Clash, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Elvis Costello and of course… the King.


Words John Wheeker

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