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DAMSF ( is a vibrant, energized show that brings together dancers, musicians, poets, artists, and fashion designers, for both a great performance and a networking opportunity.

Last Thursday evening, DAMSF was hosted at the DNA Lounge, a popular club in San Francisco.  It drew a decent-sized crowd, and its varied performances got the audience dancing, singing, and ooh-and-ahh-ing.  Every talent showcased brought something fresh to the stage, from an up-and-coming pop singer to unique body jewelry made from chains.

If you’re looking for something a little less discovered, one-on-one time with some amazing talent, or a show that mixes up the acts often enough to keep you entertained throughout the night DAMSF is the place for you.  The next showcase will be held on August 8th.

Check out DAMSF’s website or on facebook to learn more.

DNA Lounge is located at 375 11th St., San Francisco, 94103

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Words and photos Tessa Murphy


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