What are the plans for today –  It’s Saturday! After the coffee and the Aspirin kicks in what should your day consist of? Yard work? Laundry? Freaking grocery shopping? ( side note: I dread grocery shopping.)  We have all been dying for the summer to come and now that it is here most of us are stuck at home with house work to be done, children’s sport events to shuffle around, or some family event. Don’t worry what ever the case may be TUBE has you covered. Here are a few events going on today to help you when you are ready start your awesome day!

Midtown Farmers Market started at 8am& continues to 1pm. It is located on J street between 20th and 21st. The VOX Gallery will be open today from 1:30 till 6:30. The Sacramento Mobile Food Festival (SactoMoFo) is being held  at the Farmers Market lot under the Freeway (6th and W streets, Downtown Sacramento). This event will be held from 11 to 4 pm. Also, Playing at Crawdad’s today at 2pm-5pm will be James Cavern and then Arden Park Roots at 9 pm.

Check TUBE’s calender for any future events. Continue to be AWESOME!

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