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American League! The very name resonates nostalgia for a golden age or time of youth. The five piece ensemble have brought forth that very essence through their personalized approach to music. Native to the Manteca area, American League have been making headway and diving head-first into the Sacramento scene with no signs of stopping.
 The band began playing together in the late summer of 2012, armed with a few songs written by front man Michael Krohn, Nathan Looney on guitar, and former member Ty Caskey on bass. They would recruit the rest of the group – Justin Langston on drums, Scott Tonner on lead guitar, and Zack Ybarra as the new bassist.
Now a solid team, American League have not wasted any time before starting work on their unique blend of 90’s influenced energetic rock sounds and personalized influences, mainly using acoustic electric instruments. February of this year, they released their debut album titled “Peaks and Valleys”  to be followed by a show at District 30 for the RAW Artist showcase – where they will get their name out to over 300 Sacramento listeners!
 American League is made up of just the right mix for all musical tastes to enjoy. They definitely have the passion it takes to create organically, which can only take a band to the heights desired and beyond: a trait to be admired. Without a doubt, in a league of their own.
 Be sure to check out the album Peaks and Valleys! It can be heard and purchased through the band’s Facebook page, as well as through itunes, Spotify, Rhapsody and Bandcamp. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events and promos!
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Words Ernesto Perez

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