I am aware that thrift store prices are usually already very affordable. But I have to say that there is something thrilling about getting it for even a BETTER deal. So what, call me cheap. I am proud of it.

Today’s Myth:
“I am at Goodwill. Wow, it is already a great deal.”

FALSE. And here is why.

Don’t get me wrong. I love supporting thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. But let me tell you. It is usually at smaller chains or local shops that you are going to find that killer steal.

Finding the steal tips:
1. Sale days. Look for days where your item will have a percentage knocked off the price. Sure it is a gamble to wait until that day to purchase your item (someone could buy it). But often times this will pay off. I would only say don’t wait if you found a fabulous pair of shoes. If you leave those behind, someone WILL buy them.
2. Bag sales. Find thrift stores (often in of the trail shops) that sale clothing by the bag. This is seriously the best way to get deals. I have fit 15 items in a $5 bag before. Do the math. That is about 33 cents per item.
3. Get out of town. You are not going to find the cheapest prices in your main cities. Not only that but you are not going to find much vintage items. Get out of town and go to some dinky place nobody goes to. Sometimes the store will smell like cat pee. That is how you know you have arrived.

Believe me when I say that I love spring. The spring breeze, the flowers blooming, the encouraging feeling of “newness.” But there is something about fall colors that keeps me wearing them all year. Yeah, I said it. I like wearing fall colors year round. So keep this in mind when you see this weeks outfit. I definitely had fall in mind. Le sigh.

Today’s Threads:
Vintage wooden triangle earrings- $1.00
Romano (Made in Brazil) Leather Oxfords- $5.00 (worthy splurge!)
Paris Sports Club (Made in USA) pleated skirt- $2.00
Cherokee (Made in USA) jean button up- $0.33 (bag sale)
Orvis (Made in USA) cardigan- $1.00


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When I saw these earrings I immediately thought of the song Tessalate by Alt-J. (Pretty much my jam) where he says “Triangles are my favorite shape…” I had to have them. I was a happy hipster.

THESE SHOES. Oh my lands these shoes. I saw them and about died. And when I tried them on and they fit? I danced. Everyone thought I was weird. They are genuine leather and almost brand new. I have no idea how I lucked out to find these gems, but this is why you have to check often. That is how I found these, as I had just been at the same store the day before.

I was worried at first that if I wore this skirt it would be a little too Brittney Spears. I did get teased a bit by some friends, but you know what! I dig it. And I think it is adorably vintage.

This button up is so versatile. I can seriously use it in so many ways, and I love the little floral pattern on it. It is always fun to find an older piece that is so modern. The cut is very flattering when not tucked in as well.

This is my go to old lady cardigan. One of my friends said a month ago, “Man… That is the sweater for you, huh?” Let’s just say I wear it a lot. But how can you go wrong with classic Orvis?

Until next time, keep on thrifting those threads!

Words and Photos Tessa Renae

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