Everyone remembers Pablo Picasso who painted Picador at eight years old, or Shirley Temple who received an Academy Award at the age of seven. We don’t know what it is but there is something truly amazing and inspiring about a young prodigy. Every year or decade or century there is an outstanding young soul who accomplishes so much in such a short amount of time. My nominee for 2013 would be Brandon Borjon.

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This 17 year old Roseville native is nothing short of an artistic genius. While he is barely old enough to drive and not yet old enough to buy a lotto ticket, he has talent beyond his years. A self proclaimed contemporary pop surrealist artist, his work literally jumps off the page. Pop art is rooted in modern pop culture and mass media. Emerging in the 1950s, many associate it with the work of  Andy Warhol or the Campbell’s Soup Cans. All of Brandon’s pieces have this element of displacement; from tuxedo bears to falling astronauts. Take a look at his work and you’re also peering into his dreams, thoughts and ideas. From idea to execution takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. He has a sketchbook full of ideas and fragments for potential leads. He uses spontaneity and excitement to awake the viewer and evoke a response.
While Brandon is most at home using acrylic paint, he is always up for something different. His work can also include everything from graffiti to spray paint. He experiments with these methods by learning on his own and incorporating them into his ideas. Another source of education for Brandon is Myron Stephens; art teacher and accomplished artist extraordinaire. Taking Myron’s classes is what got him involved in art to begin with. From “art parties” to extra class time, Stephens has been a mentor and friend. From teaching him how to set up an exhibit to how to price his paintings, Brandon has had a shoulder to lean on.
Brandon’s friends and family could not be more supportive and happy for him. While most teens work at restaurants and movie theaters, Brandon spends time in his home studio creating art. This young man is one of the most ambitious and inspiring people you will ever meet. With senior prom and college in the fall he has so much to look forward to. With an array of musical instruments under his belt as well, Brandon definitely has the creative gene. To contact him and check out some of his work visit his website. With so much accomplished in the past few years, the future is bright for this high school senior.
Words Rica Douglas

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  1. I remember when I saw this man admiring a work of art in a local Sacramento gallery. He told me “art isn’t just a hobby, it’s like an organ in my body.”

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