Ouch! That wasn’t how the morning was to begin, but I guess I should have been wearing Green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to You, to You, & to you my Beer.  As I drink my coffee I start to wonder what is going on this morning and where to begin… I could go to Sam’s Hof Brau or Pangaea Cafe which both will be serving corn beef and hash.  After I get my breakfast on I could go downtown to the 9th annual  SHAMROCK’N HALF MARATHON to listen to Pets play on 9th & P, and other musical venues along the race path. I  could walk down to Club 2me, to the Bon Lair, or to Clarks corner to keep it local and safe. But what if I wanted to go see Whiskey and Stitches at Harlow’s? They are super stoked to be presenting its new CD – “Damned If We Don’t” at 6 pm. Then over at the Fox & Goose, One-Eyed Reilly and The Pikeys will be playing at 6pm – 12. I could ride my bike over to the Golden Bear for their awesome music line up, with a Cocktail competition at 1pm and to see Miss Maddy’s F street Stompers. When all is said and done. I can’t find my phone. I definitely can’t find my car in this mass of people, and it is past 10: 00 pm or it is now Mon., Mar. 18 around 4 am. I know that Berg Injury Lawyers  of Sacramento, CA has me covered.  All you have to do is call Yellow Cab of Sacramento at 916-444-2222 and tell them the ride is on Berg Injury Lawyers! The only thing is…Rides are given from a bar or restaurant to a residence, not to other drinking locations. Berg Injury Lawyers will cover the cost for the first $35 of the cab fare. Patrons must pay the remaining balance (if any) once rides exceed $35. Rides aren’t guaranteed for everyone who calls. I should remind myself that today is Sunday, and I do have to work tomorrow in the morning bright and early, so I better stop writing… and start pretending I am Irish. Have fun my friends.

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