Finding a place to play trivia on a Tuesday in Sacramento is like trying to find an elephant in a haystack.  It’s easy.  In pubs and bars around town you will find a cute girl on a mic asking mundane questions that only 3% of the pear cider sipping population actually know the answer to.  Andrew Harrison and Sean Hills have presented the opposite of the trivia norm and the result could not be better.

FLEX YOUR HEAD is held every Tuesday night at The Press Club.  This is  hands down the best trivia in Sacramento.  Like most trivia you will find it is team based and themed from time to time however that is where the similarities end.  The themes are clever and absolutely cater to the midtown crowd.  From Lebowski to Tarantino you are bound to have a good time and even stretch your brain a bit.

Andrew hosts in a rather charming and honest way, with a bit of teasing and drinking in-between rounds.  Sean has the perfect line up of songs and sounds to accompany the clever screen presentation of questions.   There is obviously a huge amount of prep work that goes into each night and it seems that these two are loving every moment of it.

Sean, Andrew and The Press Club are a delightful match.  While most games just remind me how much knowledge I do not have, Flex Your Head just reminds me how fun it is to play games with your friends.  Plus the prizes are great and there are drink specials all night.

Tonights Flex Your Head is Star Wars themed.  Sign ups at 8, game starts at 9.  We will see you there!


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