In all of my time as a thrifter, I have lived in fear of this one particular item: Jeans.

I am happy to announce that this week I have overcome this fear.

However, it wasn’t easy.

Thrifting jeans takes patience, confidence and a positive attitude. It seriously isn’t for the faint of heart.

Some tips on thrifting jeans and pants:
1. Give yourself ample time. You are going to be trying on a ton of pants.
-With all of those random sizes, styles and years of jeans… You are definitely going to need to try them on. You have no idea what size they ACTUALLY are.
2. Look through the ENTIRE rack.
-I think this is true to find any special finds, but especially with jeans. It is going to take some determination and positivity for this one.
3. Try on multiple styles, sizes, etc.
-You need VARIETY
4. Give yourself GRACE.
-You are not going to find a perfect pair everywhere you go. Don’t get discouraged!
5. Think creatively.
-You most likely won’t find a pair of skinny jeans on the rack. Consider even perusing the Men’s rack for an awesome pair of “boyfriend” pants.

I successfully found 3 pairs of jeans this week (Levi’s and Gap brands). I have to say, I was pretty stoked. My favorite pair, a sweet pair of Levi’s, are featured in this week’s outfit.

Today’s myth:
“I thrift everything but pants. They are just too hard to find!”
FALSE. See above.

Today’s Threads:
PBS Wool Sweater/Cardi (Made in New Zealand)-$2.00
Vintage “Book of the Sun” tee (Made in USA)-$1.00
Woolrich 100% Cotton Flannel-$0.50
511 Levi’s- $2.50
Vintage leather flats-$3.50

TOTAL: $9.50

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This wool cardi has seriously been my repeat item for the past month or so. It is a bit itchy (wool) but oh so warm and cozy on these chilly days/nights. The wooden buttons are a cute detail that I really enjoy. I like wearing it because it makes me feel like I stole it from my non-existent boyfriend’s closet. Right, ladies? ha.

I have tried to find out what “The Book of the Sun” even is. Google was no help, but this really is a legitimate vintage tee and I loved the design. The material is so soft from wear, and I can’t stop wearing it! Thanks 1978 for my sweet t-shirt!

This Woolrich flannel is a bit small, but I wear it anyway. The cut is super flattering and slim, and gives that feminine flair to a flannel. Did I mention it is oh so cozy? Yes. I am using that word a lot. But with this weird weather, get used to it.

THESE LEVI’s FIT LIKE A DREAM! Not to mention, they are men’s so they have HUGE pockets which is such a nice trade from girl pants and their fake/tiny pockets. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I thought these flats were super cute and modern looking. The brand was too worn to look up, but I am guessing they are from the 80’s. I love the red stripe detail on the side.

Until next time! Cheers! And thrift those threads!

Words and Photos Tessa Renae

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