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Hashtag: Best Night Ever

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High Tops? Check. Denim Jacket? Check. Sunglasses…inside? Admittedly, check. Safe to say that everyone inside Ace of Spades on this lovely Thursday night was ready to dance the night away. And no, we’re not talking the J.Lo kind of way. We’re talking about the hands in the air, waving them like you just don’t care, try not to fall over while you’re jumping around kind of way. For tonight is not your average Thursday filled with NBC Primetime and having at it with some new recipe you found on Pinterest, this night will be different. Why, you ask? Because Wallpaper. is here and yes, my friends, Ricky Reed is most definitely real.

The night started with a DJ set by local hero Shaun Slaughter followed by Diamond Dez and a fabulous neon-infused set by Con Bro Chill. After probably the most perfectly picked opening set, the crowd ooh’d and ahh’d…okay, who are we kidding, they lost their minds in a sea of screams and fist pumps when the shades wearin’ man that is Sir Ricky Reed walked across the stage at Ace of Spades.

In case you haven’t heard of the Oakland based gem that is Wallpaper., here is the rub. Wallpaper. consists of Ricky Reed, Novena Carmen, and Arjun Singh, along with a handful of percussionists. With a style that can surely be seen as “party jams”, it’s easy to miss the details that go into the writing, production, and performance of the songs. Yes, there’s humor, and inside jokes that everyone can share from some point in their life, but musically Ricky excels with a blend of pop, hip-hop and some down home funky beats. He even goes so far as to bring light to the occasional slip-up, creating the anthem that was last summer’s Puke My Brains Out – don’t worry if you didn’t catch that bus, hop on over to and have at it.

With one full-length album and two EP’s, most recently the release of 2012’s #STUPiDFACEDD, Wallpaper. has been around the block a few times and gathered up a rolling rock covered not in moss, but true fans that follow him everywhere. With social media being in most everyone’s blood stream, Ricky’s got his finger on the pulse with a huge following on Instagram. He even went so far to get the hash tag “fanstagram” up and in full effect. Clicking on the link not only lets you see some awesome shots by show attendees, but also the dedication that his fans have. Whether they’re pre-parting in a one bedroom apartment, or running into the group on the sidewalk after the show, there’s going to be a picture to show it, and you might even catch yourself in the background – if you’re lucky.

The show was nothing less of the most unexpected way to spend a Thursday night. Ace was packed with the likes of many, all there to have a good night. And that they did. 100%. The fans of the musicians were an equal combination of super excited and super chill. No one had ego trips. There was no unnecessary fighting. Sacramento was there just to get down. Whether you left once the house lights came on or ventured out to the unofficial after party at TownHouse, it was clear that the show was well worth it.

As you relived the show the next day, swapping pictures with your friends, you could still hear the songs playing in your head from the night before.  Relating to the lyrics of the most recent single “Good 4 It” because you knew your band of brothers were with you that night just like they’ll be there for you tomorrow, and the next day.

For more information on Wallpaper.:

For more information on Ace of Spades:
TownHouse Lounge is located at 1517 21st St, Sacramento CA 95814

Words/Photos Jenny Price


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