I have a confession.
I am addicted to thrifting.
The smell, the anticipation, the search, waiting for that moment when that item stands out among the chaos.

Finding that treasure is the most incredible feeling. I need to share this with you. All of you.

You know that super hip song by Macklemore? I do all of that, but with $10 in my pocket. Ya. I am that girl.

I want to show you how you can find and reuse vintage items from thrift stores to create a cohesive style without having to walk in a coffee shop matching the sea of Forever 21. It is possible.

I am going to share tips for you to grab those amazing finds for killer deals, and even where you are more likely to find those vintage treasures.

Let’s have some fun, and more importantly, let’s dress you on a dime. Each outfit that I will showcase will be purchased for under $10. That’s right Macklemore. We are going to pop some tags with only $10 in our pockets. Get stoked.

Today’s myth:
“I don’t buy vintage clothing because all vintage items are tiny.”
I am not kidding. In my experience I find more large sizes than small or they are about equal. The only part of this myth that is partially true is when you are dealing with shoes. However! There is hope, big foots out there. With patience and optimism you will definitely find some gems. I know because yes, I am a big footed gal. So keep checking those racks!

Today’s threads:
“Petite’s by Willi” dress (circa early 70s)- $3.50
Vintage brown boots- $2.00
Vintage dog ring- $2.00
Black tights- (IN EVERY WOMAN’S CLOSET.)

TOTAL: $7.50

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I LOVE this dress. When I saw it, I immediately thought that it looked like it was from Anthropologie. Its sage green and white design looks very modern and sleek. Not to mention that it is in PERFECT condition. All buttons in tact, and the material is very nice quality. I personally love the length of it, but it could easily be shortened. It was found in a little thrift shop that I honestly don’t normally find anything in. Which just goes to show you, you never know where you will find that gem.

The boots. Oh man the boots. I found these a few months back, and they had never been worn. I couldn’t believe my luck. I have obviously worn them in (I go through shoes pretty quick when I love them), but they have been a wonderful addition to my closet.

This dog ring has been the recipient of a great deal of compliments. Ever need a conversation starter? A quirky accessory always does the trick. I actually found this gem at a little thrift shop that smelled like cat pee. Move passed the stench and to the treasures. They await. Catch my thrift?

Black tights. Seriously ladies. Get a pair. Enough said.

Until next time, Cheers! Thrift those threads!

Words and Photos Tessa Renae

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  1. Great tips — love thrifting. I agree with Tessa that bigger sized clothes are out there — just keep up with the search. I’ve found tons — maybe not vintage, but good finds just the same. Plus, if you’re really lucky, you may find an incredible home decor item, too!

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