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Oh the tease of warmer weather. It is convincing enough to make you pull out your cut-offs, start working on your beach bod or head outdoors to get re-acquainted with nature. A day of sunshine and blue skies is an opportunity never to be wasted, especially in Sacramento. So when you see that sunshine icon on the local weather forecast, you may be in need of a new place to go!

Cataract Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Marin County, near Stinson Beach. The trail runs along Cataract Creek as well as the falls. This 2.6 mile hike brings you down into the most amazing wooded creek. What can you expect to see? Douglas Firs, Big Leaf Maples, Redwood trees and wildflowers as far as the eye travels. Total hiking time is estimated at two hours and the best season to visit is late winter early spring (now!). This trail is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned hikers. Not only is it secluded and quiet, its pet friendly!

Trail traffic is moderate so you don’t feel rushed or crowded and since it is almost completely shaded, you won’t be sweating your butt off. Cataract Falls is open daily from sunrise to sunset and there is more than enough parking. With trail signs you will never have to worry about getting lost or off track. Words don’t do this place justice, check out the pictures and see for yourself! To find out how to get to Cataract Falls or any other Norther California trail visit the Bay Area Hiker’s website. Don’t let the next beautiful day go unexplored. Leave your smart phone at home, throw on some shorts and visit the falls!


Words Rica Douglas

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