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Art has a way of speaking that is as individual as each and every one of us is. The ability to reason might be the most defining human characteristic. As a result, we do not always find answers for intangible questions that lie in perception itself.  With a passion for sculpting, Lin Green has used her skill to approach the very question of being, as well as taking a look into contemporary issues surrounding this notion.

Lin’s expositions take an unorthodox method to modeling her sculptures in a fashion that allows one to interact with her work, creating a reality by using all the senses. This way one can integrate and become a part of the scene, shaping a greater ephemeral understanding and connecting not only to the art but to the deeper connotation intending to break the binding notions of social roles.

Drawing inspiration from dreams and the natural world, Lin’s innate ability to use the visual as a tool for reflection helps guide you into more meaningful introspective platforms of thought. Her work retains a pure and wild natural beauty.

Although a sculpture in the physical form, her unique portrayal speaks a manner of cultivating and sculpting ones perception for the sake of question. The world surrounding Lin’s work will leave you with a looming wonder reminiscent of a place without bounds, streamlined by a brilliant innocence.

Lin Green’s artwork has (and will continue) to bring you her signature thought-quenching approach to the art world unique to her palette. Be sure to look out for Lin’s Green shows in the near future!

Lin does not have a website for us to link you to her.  We love what she is up to and will keep you posted on any of her upcoming shows.

Photos compliments of Lin Green

Words Ernesto Perez

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