PAmeneyro, in the studio. Photo by Brent Ameneyro

Art. It is one of those words like love or freedom; a word that is difficult to define in just one way. It is a word that changes for every person you ask because for every person, it holds a new meaning. Priscilla Ameneyro defines art as “a practice. It is a way of seeing the world and being. To make art is to exist; that is how much it means to me. I agree with [Gerhard] Richter’s assertion that painting is another form of thinking, separate from language”. For those of you who do not yet know Priscilla, she is currently residing and working in midtown Sacramento with her husband and cat. Born and raised in England, she started painting during her early college years at Oxford, while also finding time to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. From then on she has continued to make art and is eager to share it with the world.
Priscilla finds inspiration for her work through personal experiences, travel, music, film, literature and art. Other artists like Joan Mitchell and Gerhard Richter (as she previously mentioned) are also great sources of influence. At the moment Priscilla is experimenting with liquid watercolor and India ink. As for what motivates her creations? “Being around positive and creative people. The emotions of people who experience my art. Each time I make something new, it is instantly better than the last thing I made. So I’m always chasing that, something newer and therefore better. That is what keeps artists going I think; You can’t say ‘this is the best thing I will ever make and so I will stop’. How do you know?”

Most artists will admit they seek to portray one thing or another in their work, but Priscilla leaves that up to the viewer. ” I am moving away from conventional titles as I do not want to dictate what people see. I guess you could say the message of my art on the simplest level is use your imagination”. She hopes the viewers see that her art comes from an honest place. As for what’s yet to come? Priscilla hopes that art remains a fulfilling practice; that it gives back as much as she puts into it. “I hope that arts takes me to new places and introduces me to new people”.
If you have not gotten a chance to see some of Priscilla’s amazing artwork you are in luck! On February 6, she will be featured at District 30 as part of RAW’s artist’s showcase and the weekend of February 22-23 she will be having an art show at San Francisco’s Pancakes and Booze event. For details about these events and several others please visit Priscilla’s website, visit her Facebook page or check out her Instagram. If you’re more of the personal type feel free to send her an email at TUBE will definitely be attending Priscilla’s show to check out her amazing creations and support her vision. We hope to see you all there as well!

Photo courtesy of Brent Ameneyro

Words Rica Douglas

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