418065_269765566483406_210278300_nAndy Warhol had Edie Sedgwick.

Pablo Picasso had Dora Maar.

Matisse had the Cone Sisters.

A muse is a powerful thing. It takes a truly inspirational and motivational person or turn of events to spark artistic genius. For Autumn Sky, it all started with a crush. A Sacramento native, she began singing at 16, turning her poems into melodies; Poems about a boy at summer camp whose hair looked like a lion’s mane. Now while that only turned out to be a case of summer love, those melodies turned into singing and song writing. So many twists and turns have led her to where she is today. From being awarded (several times) and performing at the Sacramento Music Awards to playing at the Sundance Film Festival, Autumn has accomplished so much so fast. The Sac Show Awards, Concert in the Park, opening for Stripminer and playing at the Crocker Art Museum are steps along her path to greatness. While she cannot say why yet, Autumn assures me that this next year will be even bigger.

Autumn will be taking her music on the road for the next couple years and releasing a lot of material much more frequently. “I’ve finally reached a point where that’s possible and I can’t wait for it. I think it will really get the ball rolling for me”. As for her music, she wants to keep the ball rolling. She’s grown strong and fearless; hitting a stride in music, life and loving herself. “I want to be to folk rock what Patti Smith is to punk, what Dolly Parton is to country and what Billie Holiday is to jazz. An immoveable force of nature, getting to write down these things I earnestly believe in and singing them to a crowd. To start a movement with a chorus, I can’t think of anything more beautiful”.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of hearing Autumn’s music, you have an opportunity on January 11 to see her perform at Harlow’s. Come hear pop songs with Appalachian mountain harmonies that dig their melodies into your heart and refuse to let you go; haunting, harrowing and honest. As a solo artist, Autumn is able to play with a lot of different people. “I love collaborating with other artists, so much. I’ve had shows where I’ve had 13 other people onstage, including a brass section, haha. It’s really just up to my imagination and how far I’ll take it. Right now she works with bassist Anthony Medina, electric guitarist Barry Crider, drummer Jared Obregon, tambourine player and harmony expertise Sandra Dolores Swanfeldt and pianist Mandy Zebowski. “They’re great friends, amazing support and are all so talented; I’m blessed”.

Next Friday  is your opportunity to see a once in a lifetime performance with two other bands that are doing just as much moving and shaking locally as Autumn is. Dancing and boot stomping included! Listen to honest conversations about the stories behind the songs and enjoy a very special surprise that will involve everyone at the show. “Can’t tell you what; guess you’ll just have to make it out to see”!!

“I feel like I’m here to create beauty, to teach people to love, to show the wisdom in nature, to tell people that I’ve been where they are too, and to tell people that they’re not alone”. Autumn is a truly remarkable woman with an even more remarkable talent. TUBE will be front and center next Friday to watch her play, you should be as well.

Photo courtesy of Elsie Campisi.

Tickets available for Fridays show at Harlows

Words Rica Douglas

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