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The Kids Keep Disco Dancing

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It’s a typical Friday night in December. The skies opened up to pour out their entire soul and then there’s that other thing: the end of the world. Well, the Mayan tablet was turned over, we survived, and some even ventured out to the Blank Club in downtown San Jose to hangout with The Limousines. The Blank’s location may not be ideal. As you’re walking down a dim to dark to darker alley, you get to the point of no return, where 90% of the block is a chain link fence, and there’s a security guard standing under the awning, trying to scare off the rain with his face. Just as you start to think that you may have read the map wrong, you turn the corner to a sea of neon lights, and a crowd as big as your entire family, squished together like a pack of leather-clad sardines, trying to fix what’s left of their hair. At this point you can relax, and know that the next few hours of your life will be amazing. The cheap beer will flow, the music will dance across the floor, and if you play your cards right, you might make a new friend.

This is the third year The Limousines have sold out the Blank Club for their annual XXXmas Fckfst, the one night sandwiched between holidays you can relax enough to have a good time and not worry about whether or not your Great Aunt is going to like that sweater you bought her. The show begins off with a set by Shitty DJ and followed by a performance from Anya and the Get Down, two groups with huge followings. A short time later Eric Victorino, lead vocals, pops on stage adorned with a skin-tight Santa suit and a beer in hand. Stage left, you’ll see Giovanni “Gio” Giusti, keyboards, with a flash of bright-colored hair and a hub of keyboards and drums just within arms reach.

2012 has been a busy year for the Limousines. They started off touring Europe with the Sounds, ditched their label in an effort for creative freedom, and even started working on their new album Hush. Their last album Get Sharp was an instant favorite with the buzz that surrounded Internet Killed the Video Star and the later singles Very Busy People and The Future. In August, the boys reached out to their friends near and far, real and Internet, to join forces and help back the funding for Hush on Kickstarter. 30 days later, the initial goal of $30,000 was surpassed by 252% and ended at an astonishing $75,000. But here they are, back in their home town, dressed in their holiday best and ready to entertain the pants off this crowd.

The show was filled with songs off Get Sharp as well as some new songs off Hush – which the crowd easily sang along to and just shows the loyalty of these kids since the album isn’t even out yet. A few fan favorites were Fine Art and Wild Fires, and the crowd went berserk when Victorino brought out his infamous megaphone. The night wrapped up with an encore and a rendition of Temptation by New Order, which has developed a large following – not hard to blame them, the cover is spot on.

After a few hours filled with dancing, jokes, and brutally honesty, the crowd went their separate ways. Some going home. Some to search for what was left of open nearby bar. And some to just wander around the pedestrian filled streets of San Jose, knowing that they just had the best time ever, they were safe to bebop a few blocks over singing songs in their head, and a couple of days later, when the excitement of the night they just had worn off, gifts would be dropped at their feet and a family member would probably give them a hug. And if that wasn’t the case, well hey, New Years right around the corner.

Words and Photos Compliments of Jenny Price


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