Everyone at TUBE is in the Christmas spirit with decorating and wrapping Christmas presents! With that being said, we all know how exhausting having “Christmas spirit” can be. Between family drama, money struggles and getting your house ready to look like a magazine so your mom doesn’t remind you what a slob you are, by time Christmas Eve gets here you’re already ready for it to be over.

But hear not, TUBE is here to help you with your Christmas sorrows with a few medicinal cocktails that will help your right through the last few days of 2012 and through the Christmas drama.

To get through breakfast, we’re leaning back on the classics with a little twist: mimosas! Grab any glass (the bigger, the better) and fill three-fourths of it with champagne. The type really doesn’t matter, but for sweeter concoction stay away from anything dry. Next, you’ll fill it with orange juice. But give it a little twist with a pineapple or mango juice as well for something a little different. The upside? The juice disguises the color of the champagne, so your family never has to know you’re buzzin’!

Dinner should typically be the easiest to get through since it is the most acceptable time to be drinking, but in disguise it is actually the hardest. Dinner is when most of the embarrassing questions and discussions get brought up, because family gets the rite of passage to ask whatever they please since you’re blood related. So during the dinner cooking and set up, I recommend sneaking a few shots in to have a solid buzz by the time you get to dinner. That way any beer, wine or cocktails you enjoy afterwards will just push you into the drunk-zone, letting nonchalance set in for any judgments that may pass throughout the meal.

Dessert is just around the corner and then presents, so you’ll need a few last cocktails to pretend you love the knitting set your grandma got you. Eggnog is easily an obvious choice, but I recommend a little French vanilla Kahlua (they have peppermint!) and flavored cream Pumpkin spice to mix it up. It’s easy to disguise as a coffee and cream and tastes delicious!

Happy Holidays from the TUBE family!

Words Marissa Nicole

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