Punk rock has always been synonymous with rebellion and independence. Since its inception, punk rock has shifted into a movement (and a way of life) for many. Punk would eventually find itself transforming and blending into a modern variation, which has inspired and created other genres. Along with the changing era and new waves of music, the underground scene has still carried the core D.I.Y ideals over the past three decades. One band has stood tried and true; hanging ten over the new waves.

Proudly waving the flags, NOFX was born out of Los Angeles, during the height of the scene in the early eighties, by bassist Fat Mike and guitarist Eric Melvin. Playing alongside punk legends like Bad Religion, Rancid, and many others, this would later set the stage for NOFX to take their rightful seats as some of the forefathers of the scene. What has set this particular band apart is the way they shy away from average riffs and chord progressions.

NOFX set out to break away from their own mold, from album to album, straying away from mediocrity in their sound, both musically and lyrically. Mocking veganism, social issues, politics, hippies, and clowns, they have lyrically left no stone unturned. Musically, they have danced with ska elements. These guys throw in creative time changes, and intricate guitar work to their art. Retaining the high energy, in- your–face, root sound of punk, NOFX has the right mix to continue pushing forward and lighting the way for the new musical generations to come.

If you’re feeling a little inspired, and want to check out NOFX for yourself, then you are in luck!  NOFX is on tour and coming to Sacramento!  They will be playing at The Ace of Spades Dec. 10th.  Tickets are available at The Beat, Dimple Records and, of course, online.  It is an all age’s event!  See you there!

To purchase tickets online visit  www.aceofspadessac.com

Words Ernesto Perez

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