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So there I was, walking down K Street on my way to Pizza Rock, when the sound of music fills my ears before I can even get in the door. This being my first time there, I am quickly distracted by the big rig coming through the ceiling. As I take in my surroundings, my eyes settle on the man sitting with a guitar on center stage. He’s singing the familiar words of “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers. I am immediately hooked as that is probably one of my favorites. During my entire lunch, instead of getting to know my dad’s new girlfriend, I am swept up in sound by this man playing all the greats from Motown to John Mayer.  This man, I found out, was none other than James Cavern. After his performance I was lucky enough to have a few minutes with him.

James was born in England and grew up in London; “Most people think I’m from Australia when they hear my accent”. When he was fourteen, James’ parents decided to move their family to America; Roseville to be exact. From hearing James perform for merely an hour, I figured he’d been playing his whole life! “In high school I didn’t play music at all. Although in England, the school system included a music course each year. I was a soccer player”. It wasn’t until 2005, around Roseville High’s graduation, that he taught himself how to play guitar. But even then James only played as a hobby. “When I moved to Placerville I was exposed to more musicians and went to more shows. It was then that I decided to play in front of people. I was extremely nervous and didn’t get around to performing until 2010”. After playing shows from Folsom to El Dorado Hills, James decided to make his move to Downtown Sacramento to pursue a music career. “Now I am a working musician. I survive off of playing gigs around town, private events and such. I also work for Pour House, booking the Friday night acts and the new Open Mic I just started there on Thursdays”.  James also started an online music series called “The Porch Sessions”(Information available on his website).

With so many opportunities around downtown Sac to hear him play, you may be wondering what to expect from a James Cavern performance. “I play in two forms: all acoustic or as a drums and electric. I have recently acquired a bass player so this a new addition that will be seen at my upcoming shows. My next show is December 4th at Old Soul Coffee. I will be playing acoustic and opening for an international touring artist from LA”. As if teaching himself how to play guitar and sing wasn’t enough, James wants more from his music career. “I would say my greatest goal is to play in front of and share my music with as many people as possible. To be the best live performer I can be and have a loyal following”.

There you have it, the amazing story and musical style of James Cavern; downtown Sac’s next up and coming musician. Join TUBE at his next performance for an evening of amazing guitar and vocals. James is currently finishing up his EP which be released in February of 2013. To hear some of his music visit or check out his Facebook Band page.

Words Rica Douglas

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