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Earlier this month I got the pleasure to attend an anniversary party. This anniversary, however, was not to mark the blessed union of two individuals. This anniversary party—with the stress on ‘party’—was to mark the second year of business of a growing local landmark. At its celebration, the ZuhG Life store, in the Downtown Plaza, did what it has been doing consistently since 2010: bring great local music and art and clothing to the people of Sacramento.

The party started early with the smooth sounds of percussive guitar, brought forth by Mr. Adrian Bellue, pleasantly meandering through the Downtown Plaza. With a style uniquely his own, his music often takes listeners on an introspective journey into their selves, guided along by his entrancing melodies. His new album should be available soon at the ZuhG Life store.

Since it was now after noon, a few of my compatriots were calling for a beer; it felt right to head on downstairs to the River City Brewery and grab a pint while we watched the city pulse.

After enjoying a powerful oat-soda, it was back to show, just in time to catch the tail end of The Nickel Slots righteous set. These guys had a great vibe and it was easy to tell that they truly love performing their craft for people—much to those peoples’ delight.

Next on the line-up was Mr. Michael Tobias, the resident music instructor at the ZuhG Life store. As Mr. Tobias originally hails from Georgia, the sound he chose to deploy had a blues-streak running through it. Mr. Tobias teaches music lessons—including guitar, bass guitar, harmonica and ukulele among others—at the ZuhG Life store on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

ZuhG’s very own Mr. JR Halliday took the stage next and once again showed the world what an extraordinary talent he has with a six-string in his hand. Mr. Halliday played a version of Sleepwalk that ran chills through the spines of his audience.

After checking out all the new winter gear in the ZuhG Life store—and stopping next door at the Sweet Stop Shop for some Swedish fish—I was drawn stageward to the sound of lemon. Awkward Lemon—even shorthanded a member—came out to perform. The harmonies and melodies that originate with Awkward Lemon are powerfully awing. If you have not experienced these wavelengths first-hand I implore you to do so.

Even after all of these tough acts and great collaborations did Mr. Ken Koenig grab the audience’s attention with his marvelous set. I had never had the pleasure of listening to him prior; however, I will be sure to catch another of his sets.

All in all, this brisk Saturday in November was more than just a party for the ZuhG Life store to commemorate its second year of business; this celebration was for all music and art lovers—especially if you try to emphasis supporting your local music and art communities—to come out and experience first-hand the amazing talent that is in our community. This is truly what the ZuhG Life store is all about: giving local artists and musicians and designers a place to showcase their talents. Be sure to support your local shops this holiday season and stay tuned to TUBE as your link to awesome.

Words John Wheeker

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