One of the things I miss most about living in New York City is the street performances. It was always awesome to listen to someone strumming a harp, jamming on a harmonica, or playing a steel drum while passing through the subway stations. It was especially enjoyable  around the holidays, since so many street performers were seeking refuge underground from the snow and rain outside.

Whenever people came to visit and we’d be walking around (above ground and under) inevitably we would run into individuals or groups engaged in some type of performance art. Break dancers, choirs, junkyard drummers, bands, jugglers, beat boxers, etc.

Many people are familiar with the famous NYC street performers (like the Naked Cowboy) but, the vast majorities are nameless. Some were so good; I wished they had something to give me, like a business card or a flyer for an upcoming show, so I could make sure to see them again. Sadly, even the best street performers don’t typically book regular gigs nor have a website.

Needless to say, I was stoked to find out that the Sacramento International Airport will be featuring local artists playing in Terminal B throughout the holiday season.

“The purpose of the Series is to bring high-quality, diverse performances that are representative of the region and its residents to the Airport for the enjoyment of holiday travelers.”

I think it’s wonderful that the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission is pairing with the Sacramento International Airport to present and support such a cool performace series in a non-traditional venue. So many people traveling will get to hear and enjoy what local Sacramento musicians have to share. People who would never have stopped into a local club to see a live band or enjoy a Sacramento orchestra will have the opportunity to listen to some right there in the terminal.

“The performances will take place in Terminal B on the 3rd floor by the throughway to the parking garage. However, the acoustics are such that people should be able to hear the performances throughout the terminal”

One of the best parts about this is that the bands will be listed so that people who enjoy the music will have the opportunity to learn more about the performers. Not only will travelers get to enjoy the bands, but people picking up and dropping off passengers will have something to enjoy while they wait. For the bands, it increases their reach to audiences outside of their normal demographic, and even internationally.

As much as I used to hate waiting for the trains to arrive in the subway station, I think I hate waiting around in the airport terminals even more. I have spent many miserable hours waiting for delayed flights, lost luggage, and standing in long security lines. Somehow, when there is live music to listen to, all the little inconveniences of the day seem to be easier to forget. Now I, for one, will not be dreading my holiday travel plans quite so much.

Please see below for a schedule of performances:

Wednesday, November 21:
-10am-Noon: Pamela Pamperin
-8pm-10pm: Chris Waltz and Shawna Spiteri
Monday, November 26:
-4pm-6pm: Mat Marucci Trio
-8pm-10pm: Stepping Stones
Thursday, December 13:
-10am-Noon: Golden State Saxophone Quartet
-6pm-8pm: Grand Isle Fire Brigade
Friday, December 21:
-10am-Noon: Susan Lamb Cook and Friends
-2pm-4pm: Sambandha
-7pm-9pm: Casey Lipka & The Commons Quartet
Saturday, December 22:
-10am-Noon: Grupo Folklórico Los Alteños
-4pm-6pm: Vivian Lee Quartet
-7pm-9pm: Cave Women
Sunday, December 23:
-10am-Noon: Richie Lawrence & the Yolos
-4pm-6pm: Fair Oaks Woodwind Quartet

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