The first time I saw Agent Ribbons was pure accident.   I was working as a cashier at Whole Foods Market.  There I was, ringing up acai juice and wood-ear mushrooms and then next thing you know, here are these two little ladies setting up drums at the end of my grocery belt.  Out comes and accordion and I wasn’t sure what to do.  I am rather certain I just stood there frozen, watching this two girl band rock out in the middle of the store, completely ignoring the Botox frozen faces attempting to frown, while shaking their fingers in disapproval.  I was in awe by this super girlie rocking duo.  In-between songs I jumped out of my cage and proudly handed over my ten bucks to receive in return a hand crafted CD case made of ribbons and plastic birds, titled perfectly: On Time Travel and Romance.  This must have been 2006.

The girls have grown and moved since their grocery store playing days.  The Sacramento natives are now in Austin Texas, which makes is a bit harder to collect their hand made CD cases.  I have however, kept up with their musical adventures, purchasing Chateau Crone along the way.  I have been waiting eagerly for the ladies next collaboration.

Agent Ribbons will be entering my home for the third time with the release of their EP Let Them Talk.  My 7″ is on it’s way as we speak and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it.  Include in the vinyl purchase, is the 5 song digital EP download, plus the bonus track, “Fucked Up”.

Let Them Talk is true to Agent Ribbons unique style with its whimsical take on the world and dramatic tones.  It is filled with ghost like harmonies met with gritty, raw instruments which tend to collide together perfectly.  Sprinkled with poetic and thoughtful lyrics, and even a bit humor,  this album leaves you wanting more.

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