TUBE cruised around the RAWards 2012, held at Miami Beach club in Citrus Heights, California this past Thursday, in search of something special.  Instantly, we were drawn to an area that took us away from all the commotion of the Awards and landed us into a small boutique somewhere in Europe. There we found a beautiful model striking poses, dressed to kill,  in front of a perfectly designed booth which was surrounded by people.  We looked at each other and smiled before diving into the amazing items placed before us.

The first thing that struck our eyes was this beautiful white and brown striped New York Statement Jacket. Melissa really wanted to try it on.  Our eyes moved around from vintage Vogue Pictures, to the lockets that dangled and sparkled as the lights hit them. Our eyes stopped on a pair of silk embellished Mermaid gloves, that I know I could have used for a costume just a few weeks ago. We also stumbled upon some Vintage Cartier Scarves and a few Russian fur hats that were to die for.  It was obvious we needed more.  More hats, more gloves, more vintage clothes with beautiful twists!!!  Wondering where we could purchase our next statement piece, the lovely model Naomi Herbster directed us to one of the biggest personalities of the night, Hannah Be, owner/founder of Retrospect -Vintage Fashion.  She was more than happy to talk with us about her “World Travelers Theme” that was laid out before our eyes.

TUBE: What is Retrospect -Vintage Fashion?

Hannah Be: We manage and operate an online store that specializes in one-of-a kind vintage pieces from the 30’s thru 80’s. We buy, sell & style exclusive vintage pieces. We like to find vintage pieces and we in the process restructures them to make clothes their own and giving the piece a new life.

Where can the people find you?

We have been working with consumers through the phone, email, and online stores. You can find us at Retrospect Vintage Fashion, Retrospect-Vintage.Com, and

Where to go from here?

“Well you know what? We have been doing this for quite a while and we are starting to get recognition from all over the world, so of course we are very happy to have grabbed the attention of  TUBE magazine.

Being in the presence of Hannah Be was like eating a star from Nintendo’s Mario. My batteries had been re-energized. She lit it up the room with excitement. As we talked she told us that she isn’t shy about Fashion. She likes her snake-skin leather and she doesn’t mind throwing in some sequence or glitter into her wardrobe. Nothing to be afraid about… It’s just Fashion.

As the night proceeded with good friends, good music and fantastic artists, TUBE was very excited to hear that when the votes had been tallied that Retrospect -Vintage Fashion had won the RAWards 2012 Fashion Award. Congratulations!!!! We are super excited for you and cant wait to see what this year will have in store for us.

Make sure to go shop at

and visit them on facebook  by clicking HERE

By: Naomi G. Lucchesi & Melissa Uroff

Photo courtesy of staff photographer Mickey Martin

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