Sacramento holds many gems within its vast, versatile, and every growing realm of events. On any given day, Sacramento pushes events in the Arts of music, theater, & culture,  but never really about  The ARTIST.  As artists, we know it could be very hard to arrange any type of exposure in a competitive market.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there a way to get help with organizing providing the required resources that get your preferred form of art out to the public? Look no further folks, RAW Artists can help you with all that you need!

Using modern tools, such as the internet, Raw invites all performers and artists to submit their work and join in on the expansive online community. RAW holds a monthly event housing  A through Z renditions of art strengthening the inspiration to create and exposes locally and nationally. RAW sets out to nurture and build relationships between all the genres to help get a running start in the field of choice.

Are you an artist? Need some help getting going? Maybe its time to check out RAW natural born artists and find yourself immersing into a kaleidoscope of visionaries and creative souls around the globe.

Get up and join in on the action at

Words Ernesto Perez

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